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Putting Quality Back in Your Life

Our Focus


At Augusta Physical Therapy, our competent staff genuinely cares about your recovery. We listen. We hear your desire for continuity of care. You will see the same therapist for each visit from evaluation to discharge. Our therapists value your input in developing your plan of care.

Why Physical Therapy


A good physical therapy program can help maintain your patients’ physical abilities, as well as maximize their potential for enjoying normal activities. An effective physical therapy program can also prevent or limit physical deformity, and allow patients to enjoy walking, bending, reaching, sports and return to work quickly.

When I first came to Augusta Physical Therapy, I could hardly walk. I walked lopsided and had been using my cane. I didn’t dare bend or stoop over for any reason. My son was doing everything for me. After three weeks with Alan, things are to the point that I am able to do things for myself and have just gone back to work as a care giver three nights a week. I am deeply appreciative for their help and caring.”
Success Story - H. C.